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viet star glenferrie road hawthorn

don’t exactly know the address. i’m, sure you’ll find the place. having watched the first of californication, this is how you start a review. hey, viet star, sweet. have you seen californication? i strongly recommend it. i mean, i’m not tv fan or anything…i’m off track, yes? let’s talk about the restaurant then, shall we? Continue reading

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tien tien – 217 barkly street st kilda 9593 9988

you might remember we tried to get into claypots recently? we ended up in wild rice. you can read all about that little fuck up here. well, we tried again last night with the response, ‘yeah, should be a few hours wait.’ these jokers don’t take bookings in the regular sense. you have to turn up and put your name down or something like that. i don’t really know because i’ve never got that far! so back on the street again and looking for a substitute – not having learned from the wild rice affair – tien tien was next door. byo, room for us, what more could we want? Continue reading

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tho tho vietnamese bar and restaurant – 66 victoria street richmond 9428 5900

when you’ve spent a good 45 minutes driving down sydney road looking for a thai restaurant, and not having any success, you should just give up and head to tho tho’s. or at least, that’s what we did. i’m not sure if the thai place ever existed along sydney road… thai.. i guess it could possibly sound a bit like turkish… or at least it does start with the same letter… could we have been just a little confused? Continue reading

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chin chins at koto moon – 647 rathdowne street carlton north 9349 4545

yes it’s a really dumb name. dumber when you find out it’s one of two chin chins. no reference to eddie mcguire here. forget the menu in 8 point font, you can’t read it. the specials board is where it’s at and you can actually read that. at least you can point at it if they can’t understand your order. Continue reading

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