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zukini – 310 flinders lane melbourne 9620 1900

is this the coolest restaurant on flinders lane? it may well be. we almost didn’t make it because it was three blocks from our pre-dinner drinks and i was ready to go anywhere that had dead stuff on plates (although plates aren’t really necessary either) when you walk in they first directed us to the bar which is downstairs. no, my good man, we’re here to sample your finest victuals. our waiter seemed happy that we had come for the food and we were happy that he could get joy from us just being there. there’s love all around… Continue reading

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wild rice – 211 barkly street st kilda 9534 2849

vegan, vegetarian, organic, biodynamic, chemical free, preservative free, taste free. expensive too, $12-$16 for mains which try to make up in volume for what they lack in subtlety of flavour. but i guess it does cost to hire all those security guards to patrol the vegetable patches keeping out unwanted riff-raff such as ddt, acid rain and bovine anabolic steroids. wild rice falls into the same trap as most veggie restaurants. there’s no meat so we better give them twice as much food to make up for it. Continue reading

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subterrain – 167 st georges road fitzroy north 9497 8077

they call it licensed vegetarian fun. and it is licensed and vegetarian. the fun may well have been there, but it must have been cowering in one of the dark corners, sobbing quietly to itself and rocking back and forth. they did have some good food, a nice attitude and a full bar so who’s complaining? they only slightly suffer from the ‘mountainous servings because we’re vegetarian’ syndrome but it was partly our fault for being indecisive and over-ordering. if you’re a vegan, firstly that’s your problem but they will take care of you here. you have vegan options for many of the dishes if you choose to totally divorce yourself from the animal kingdom.

local beer anyone? don’t bother. i’ve brewed better in my bath or at least i can’t say it’s significantly better than the beer i made in the tub. i’ll bet friends of mine are reeling in horror with that little gem. yeah we didn’t even scrub the ring off before making the brew! haha. for some reason we did not have a g&t – probably because it was the first warm evening this year so we had to do the cold beer thing. stick to the beers that come in bottles with labels.

there’s a glass case chock-full of desserts, to remind you that just because they’re vegetarian, doesn’t mean they can’t have a decent shot at hardening your arteries along with everybody else. the waiter was playing his own understudy, as well as all the other principle roles in the show – chef, maitre d’, coffee maker, information desk, pot scrubber, all-round nice guy. he let us know that in melbourne, lots of people go away for this weekend, and that’s why it’s quiet. two things: we’re from melbourne, so are fairly up to date with the public holiday calendar (it’s 27 working days 4 hours 38 minutes until the next public holiday), and two, so you’re telling me it’s packed to the rafters every other weekend of the year?

this place is great. if you like vegetarian pizzas and curries, go here and enjoy. when they say madras curry, it’s actually spicy, not gravy-like with a curry flavour. they have dj jo who comes on friday nights. who can resist a chick who’s a dj called jo? open til 1am. it seems to be popular with some practising wicca members (or at least that’s what we surmised from the cackling emanating from the next table), so you might also like to go there if you’re into that sort of thing.

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soul mama – st kilda seabaths 10-18 jacka boulevard st kilda 9525 3338

the vibes coming off this place are so cool, man. and one less cow was needlessly slaughtered because i had the polenta. maybe you can take this veggie thing a little too far. while i love vegetarian food and i agree that animals consume way too much of our resources (greedy bastards), i do like a good steak once in a while. see the review on squire’s loft. sweet, sweet meat. ahem. sorry. Continue reading

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moroccan soup bar – 181 st georges road fitzroy 9482 4240

this place is scary. scary food, scary people. there’s no menu and don’t dare ask for one. a scary woman who shouts a lot will sit at your table and demand to know what you want. it’s not personal, just the way a moroccan restaurant works. your order is yelled across the kitchen by the big scary woman. i see lots of cringing and cowering in the kitchen. Continue reading

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idibidi – 356 brunswick street fitzroy 9419 2482

idibidi service, perhaps. and probably idibidi food, since i can’t actually recall anything special about it and it wasn’t that long ago. and i’m not that old. yet. if you don’t want to get any more acquainted with your waiters than an occasional glimpse from the other side of the room, sort of in the same way you might want to get acquainted with a bengal tiger, this is your place. they leave you alone, boy do they leave you alone. so if you are planning on eating or drinking when you visit idibidi, take a distress flare or a megaphone or a small nuclear device to get some attention. Continue reading

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