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thai food to go – 141 chapel st windsor 9510 2112

you know, i just wasn’t going to review this place at all… but then i went to the bathroom. you know how some places have like cool images to denote male and female bathrooms? la camera at southbank, for example, has some vague suggestive artworks, and i always have to look more than once. i think it’s supposed to be a womb on the ladies’ door. anyway.¬†box, on the other hand, has symbolised the male and female genitalia. Continue reading

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thai classic – 507 nicholson street carlton north 9347 3233

this place runs like a family kitchen. we found thai classic after hours of research and planning. actually it was more like ‘how ’bout this place?’ as we were walking somewhere else. we were hungry, it was there, let’s eat. this is the second time we’ve eaten there, the first time was so good we had to go back and review it. Continue reading

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sweet basil – 209 commercial road south yarra 9827 3390

apparently our table for six was booked by armstrong. there were eight of us and if armstrong showed up he was going to get his arse kicked. sweet basil was packed at 9pm friday night, we took this as a good sign. it’s a bit too nice a place to go with people who are so hungry they will eat cardboard with the same enthusiasm that they will eat hog dogs from the caravan outside the marquee club at 4am in the morning. Continue reading

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krua thai – 37 bridge road richmond 9428 6128

nothing particular stands out about this place. as part of a two-restaurant chain, anka thai has tried to bring thai food to the mass market. the mcdonald’s of thai food, if you will. the waiters are in matching national dress, there are authentic looking artefacts around the walls that were probably bought cheaply in bulk from a dodgy outlet in smith st brunswick and the food is authentic but australianised thai. Continue reading

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koh samui – 251 richardson street middle park 9696 3080

koh samui is a place where cheapskate backpackers go to get completely smashed on buckets of cocktails served in beachside bars. cheap drugs, cheap women, cheap. that’s the island off mainland thailand. koh samui is a food oasis amid dentists, terraced houses and the uppity suburb known as middle pahk. it’s not quite albert pahhhhk, but it ain’t st kilda neither. Continue reading

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ginters bar and restaurant – 5 rae street fitzroy north 9489 1974

you can always have fish. even if you are a pesca ova lacto vegetarian. you want me to say all that again? i don’t think so. but it’s nice to know that the world doesn’t revolve totally around mcdonalds or the nearest steakhouse. don’t get me wrong. i love a thick steak as much as the next bovinus carnivarian. it’s just once in a while, a nice piece of fish just hits the spot. Continue reading

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