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movida sydney – 50 holt street (cnr gladstone street) surry hills +61 2 8964 7642

as good as movida in melbourne (yeah, never thought i’d say that), is movida sydney. same menu, same service, same ambiance. of course, we brought a bit of our own ambiance with us – i’m sure we pissed a number of people off with our kissing and touching but, well, screw you all.
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taller de tapas – barcelona spain

loud, cheerful, good menu, efficient waiters and food arrives in a time warp – almost sooner than you ordered it. you can watch your food being cooked in what might be described as military precision – there’s no running or shouting, just eating/drinking and loud voices. not for the intimate dinner, and very definitely barcelona. Continue reading

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senyor parellada restaurant and hotel – barcelona spain

from the waitress (english challenged and therefor fodder for my broken and harsh spanish) to the colourful interior, senyor parella should take a bow. excellent service, more wines than you could shake a brown paper bag at, and prices that surprise – my starter at 4 cats was more than most mains in senyor p’s place.

the menu came wrapped in the napkin, a souvenir for guests from out of town. nothing i could possibly complain about, i would stay at sp next time in barcelona if i could. recommendable and preferido – in any language. love the place, try it if you’re in town.

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movida next door – find movida (1 hosier lane melbourne 9663 3038) and it’s, well, next door

here’s a thought. if you pay waiters and staff well, you get good food and good service and good waiters will want to join your restaurant. so you get good staff and waiters, and so on and so forth. it’s not rocket surgery. it’s quite obvious that the manager of movida has worked out this tricky and complex equation. the result? what seems like almost instant success. the kitchen staff are relaxed and professional, the bar staff are efficient and snappy, and the floor staff attentive and friendly. even for a brand new joint, movida feels like everyone working there are part of a well-worn family. Continue reading

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lulo bar de vino – 798 glenferrie road hawthorn 9818 8321

lets face it, describing themselves as a ‘bar de vino’ (who here speaks spanish, i’m not quite sure what that means) is a strong enticement to visit lulo. and i do like a business that gives hours like ‘5.30pm to late’. it leaves the night open to all kinds of possibilities. like vino. esta mui importante, no? it’s always been packed around 9 (a common hour for dinner in spain) so we went much earlier to make sure we got a table. Continue reading

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l’olivo – 171 waverley road east malvern 9572 4487

i do like a restaurant, cafe, or indeed a bar, that has a closing time described as ‘late’. it’s like ‘mheh, if you’re here, we’re here’. no pressure. in fact i would have to list it up there with the breakfast-all-day. not in the same category of course, but it’s up there with the best. l’olivo was entirely unexpected but boy were we glad we chose it. Continue reading

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dino’s deli – 34 chapel street windsor 9521 3466

when i see dino i think of the fat italian makinga pizza anda pasta saucea. but this dino is not a fat italian. in fact this dino has a decidedly spanish flavour. to the point that the entire menu is spanish and there is not a papa gino or mama gilda in sight. they probably want to be a bit more explicit in their advertising. i was with a friend and if not for her insisting that gino is a spanish dude, i would have walked right past. marketing may not be their strength, but the food and the service were absolutely awesome. read on, tapas lovers. Continue reading

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cream – canberra somewhere, you’ll find it, it’s not a big place

i have no idea where to go in our nation’s capital. that sounds so funny – our nation’s capital. it’s very american, patriotic, nationalistic. french. but i digress. this has nothing to do with france or french people or even the riots that firm the basis of french culture and society. i digress my disgression? perhaps. need to stay on message, move forward, stay focussed. i am in, after all, our nation’s capital. where was i? oh yes, cream. Continue reading

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cicciolina – 130 acland street st kilda 9525 3333

you may think you know the italian restaurant on acland street known as cicciolina (pronounced chi-chi-o-leena). and that reminds me. it’s pronounced brusketta not brushetta. try to remember that when you order it next. anyway, cicciolina is not just a well known italian restaurant. duck down the alley beside it and you find a back door to a little bar called – cicciolinas. crazy. now, while you might pay $25 for a main in the restaurant, nibbles in the bar start at just $6.50. and that’s fucking cheap. Continue reading

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barcelona – 25 fitzroy street st kilda 9525 4244

it’s a bar with spanish theme and the capital of spain is barcelona…can anyone see where they are going with this? punned titles aside, this place has always been full when we have passed so as the sun was setting on a warmish tuesday night, we wandered into barcelona with wine and tapas in mind.

first to greet us was pierre (so we have named him), our sexy french waiter for the night, menus in hand and overjoyed to show us to the last two seats in the house, which also happened to be the best two seats in the house. mars must have been aligned with saturn that evening. possibly something was aligned with uranus if the boys enjoying a romantic dinner outside were anything to go by. Continue reading

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4 cats – barcelona spain (ask around, you’ll find it)

i have an excuse for being so lazy about writing here of late. read on to find out why…

the 4 cats (quatre gats) has a loose association with picasso when he was young and trendy…and alive. it’s called 4 cats because the critics reckoned that’s who would go when it opened in the 1920s. how wrong they were. Continue reading

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