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zia’s cafe – hawthorn

i don’t want to have a go at zia’s but i just can’t help it. it’s a family run restaurant so you can’t expect it to be too classy. and it’s just not. god help me i don’t know what i expected it to be. you know when something happens and you just look around in disbelief, just to see if you’re in noddyland. want an example? i ordered wine and they just put it on the table – not open, just a bottle on the table. so i tried it myself, assured myself that it was ok, and poured myself a glass. noddyland. Continue reading

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the pizza gallery – 1402 malvern road glen iris 9824 6855

there’s nothing like a shitload of traffic to open you up to the opportunity of experiencing new eateries. it works like this – i get shitty with the traffic, find the nearest restaurant that looks like the food won’t kill (at least for the next 48 hours) and that’s it really. pizza gallery (gallery, no less) was just one of those places. now usually, gallery means looky, no touchy, but pizza gallery thankfully allows the eating and drinking of the culinary art. Continue reading

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shanika’s italian trattoria – 315 stephensons road mount waverley 9888 3177

i know, i know. it’s in fucking mt waverley. be warned, ok? beware the burbs in all their glory! in fact run away if at all possible. keep your head low and talk to no-one.

we completely ignored the waitress trying to give us the specials. in the end she could have just pointed to the specials board on the wall and all the frustration could have been avoided. sadly she tried in vain to talk over us and paid the price. Continue reading

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la porchetta – bendigo (you don’t want the address)

we didn’t like the look of the surly chick hogging the open fire when we walked in, but when we found out she was in charge of the place, things got a whole lot worse. at la porchetta bendigo, you’d better get used to freezing your arse off while the manager warms hers. and try cajoling the waitress to let you split a table of 8 into a table of 4 when the place is so empty you could hear crickets if it wasn’t for the speakers blasting adhd-fm. it also helps if you’ve had some hospitality training so you can be on hand to rearrange things when the next group of chunky patrons try to squeeze into the table behind you, cos you won’t find any staff to do it. Continue reading

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i carusi – 46a holmes street brunswick east 9386 5522

what does the name mean? who the hell knows! telstra and yellow pages sure don’t. after a few attempts to find the number i gave up and had to resort to an unnamed book that writes about these places, but not in a way that helps you unless you’re into {insert some poncy dish that they bang on about}. if you’re reading this telstra it’s bloody 9386 5522. don’t worry too much if you get a fax machine, just ring again until you get someone who can’t hear you over the noise. Continue reading

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basilico – 180 bridport street albert park 9699 4288

i’ve heard about basilico (incidentally, the male form of the basilica) in albert park but i’ve never been there. it used to be a hardware store, owned by the greek family who own most of albert park. i can’t say that the hardware store was any good but basilico is pretty impressive when you walk in. Continue reading

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