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the deanery – 13 bligh place melbourne 9629 3000

it’s not like you’re likely to wander past the deanery one day and think ‘that place looks nice, i’ll drop in for some tea and scones’. bligh place is basically an gap between two building masquerading as an alley pretending to be a lane. it is small and unless you’re looking for it, you’re unlikely to see the deanery. but when you do find it, well, bring an empty stomach (try not to eat for a few days) and your biggest flashiest credit card. jeeves can stay in the car, though. Continue reading

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lorne pier seafood restaurant – lorne (duh) 5289 1119

for me summer in lorne is all knotted sweaters and pastels. i mean there are some great, down-to-earth eating places but the general feel of the place is all bmw, 2.5 kids and everything in shades of yellow, blue and pink. winter however is a different story. only the hardiest holidayers make the effort. bless their volvo sports utility vehicles. Continue reading

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fish house – 541 chapel street south yarra 9827 4418

quite the most comprehensive business card i have ever seen – opening times, car parks nearby, web site. a little anal? yup. but i can’t fault the fish house for food and let’s face it, that’s what we’re here for. like oysters? sooooo good! wanna whole fish to yourself? you betcha! Continue reading

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