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newmarket inkerman street st kilda

i will literally kill for their delicious pork ribs. yes, yes, i know we should all be vegetarian because meat wastes too many resources that we don’t have, future generations, think of the children… but. pork ribs. pork. ribs. well, that’s all i got, really. why am i banging on about pork ribs? newmarket has them. slow cooked, in spicy sauce. where’s my gun?

and if pork ribs (seeing pending killing spree note warning above) were not enough, how about a slow roasted leg of lamb? or some spicy sliced chorizo with peppers? or fresh quesadillas? how about them indeed?! took about 15 minutes flat to polish the lot off. curse their deliciousnessess!
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parkers steakhouse geelong – 2 shorts place geelong 3220 5221 8485

tucked away, down a side street, in an old bluestone building (used to house a blacksmith) is parkers. i could smell it two streets away and i should have known. steak was calling me. i’m not a big meat eater but when i do eat meat, i has to be very good. imagine my surprise at discovering parkers in geelong. then i saw the sign outside – squires loft. i was home!! in the culinary wasteland that is geelong, there exists a diamond.
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trotters charcuterie – 400 lygon street carlton 9347 5657

where am i? i’m in rome. i’m in egypt. i’m on the suez canal 1938. no, just trotters on lygon street. not quite the same impact but we have gone back in time to when tea was tuppence a bag and butter was sold in dishcloth (i’m not going to say muslin) by a big sweaty man who smelled of cheese. Continue reading

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the meat and wine company – queensbridge street southbank melbourne 03 9696 5333

i’m not sure i could think up a better name for a restaurant the serves yummy steak and awesome wine. while i do have half a cheek on the green bandwagon (and i appreciate that it takes a bazillion litres of water to make a mouthful of beef), i really really really like a good steak once in a while. come on, give me a break! i eat cardboard for a week afterward to make up for it. honestly. i thought that there was no better steak than squires loft. i still think it is one of the best i’ve ever had. everyone i have dragged along to squires (they always start out as unbelievers) has fallen in love with the steaks. but i was unprepared for the meat and wine company. Continue reading

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