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tandoori den – 261 camberwell road camberwell 9813 2598

it’s not like you won’t notice tandoori den or run the risk of driving past it with it’s subtle neon sign and packed with customers with an average age of 50. yes, that’s average age. and you know what happens when you get to that magical age. suddenly time is more important that anything else in the world. including sex although i cannot imagine that. dinner is required to be at a certain time. the meal should progress at an appropriate pace and it’s all over by 10 o’clock. and so tandoori den seems to be geared to the silver generation’s needs. Continue reading

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cafe goa – 92d acland street st kilda 9534 5742

i’ve liked cafe goa since, well, for a long time. they have a chicken dish that is so hot they will try to persuade you not to order it. hmmm, that’s a new strategy for restaurants. i don’t like to be told what to do so i ordered it anyway. more than once. i have never eaten anything that made me cry before. this one did. imagine you have a large bowl of crushed, super-hot chillies. you throw some chicken and potatoes into the bowl, cook it and serve. it could replace paint stripper. it took me about five minutes to be able to breathe again normally and about twenty minutes to feel my mouth again. i had to drink about three cold beers in a row. but don’t let me dissuade you from trying it. knock yourself out. idiot. Continue reading

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bhoj indian restaurant – corner rakaia way and promenade new quay docklands docklands 9600 0884

now i understand that bhoj has a great name, in woop-woop. in the docklands they just don’t seem to understand the concept of service and waitering.

they opened the doors and had forgotten to put their pants on. never mind hitting the ground running. the waiters reminded me of one of those old keystone cops movies. you know, where they keep running around bumping in to each other and falling over. the food was really good, when we got it. they have two distinct themes going with the tables. on one side, you have the tables and chairs you would find in any overpriced docklands restaurant. on the other, split logs from recently felled trees still leaking sap and making you think you’ve wandered into the atherton tablelands. stick to the left side of the restaurant. Continue reading

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