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troika – 106 little lonsdale street melbourne 9663 0221

if you rocked up to troika bollock naked, no-one would give a shit. it’s that kind of place. it’s not big, it’s not very comfortable. it’s in a shitty lane in the centre of melbourne. not much going for it really on the outside, apart from the sign that looks like they stole it from an optometrist’s. makes you want to hold your hand over one eye to read it. inside, it’s a different story. good music and good drinks. we had our first long island iced tea together there. it was very special moment for me – it brought tears to my eyes. at 40 bucks for two drinks, it’d bring tears to anyone’s eyes. i’ve never tried the food at troika. i’m usually well fed before i get there. i just need some watering. Continue reading

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the melbourne supper club – 1st floor 161 spring street melbourne 9654 6300

when you don’t have the network contacts to get you membership to the melbourne club, you can still find overpriced drinks and mingle with poncy stuck up people hell-bent on spending someone else’s money to impress or pick up at the melbourne supper club. on the other hand; comfy sofas, more hours open than closed and there when you’re desperate to dull the pain on your wallet. Continue reading

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