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borsari ristorante – 201 lygon street carlton 9349 1444

i reckon three or four italian families got together and decided to set up a restaurant in the middle of lygon street. only thing is they couldn’t agree on the best dishes to serve so they just included all of them. there must be fifteen starters and about thirty pastas and thirty mains. talk about indecision. if our ideal restaurant has a fixed menu and we’ll put up with a choice between three or four starters, fifteen had us buggered. and i think that all the family members work at the same time at the restaurant. i didn’t count but it seemed that the staff outnumbered the eating people. that’s not a bad thing unless you want to actually stand up and move about. you’re likely to be run over by the rome express on its way to the kitchen with enough plates to equip a greek wedding. Continue reading

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