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le triskel – hardware lane melbourne 0466 406 404

ever wanted to practice your high school french in the comfort of your own city? now you can – at creperie le triskel. in fact, it’s required. you have to order in french. with your best french accent. at least they give you a sign over the register so that if you’re really desperate, you can read it. jeh voodray oon crepe ow caramel ay un cafe, sil vus plays. pretty fucking slick, eh?
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esposito@toofeys – 162 elgin street carlton 9347 9838

i’m back – i used to go to toofeys a lot a few years ago. it was a great place for fish, even better if someone else was paying. see our¬†review¬†from way back when. so when someone said to me recently ‘lets go to esposito@toofeys’ i thought – wanker!! what the fuck?! its not immediately clear who or what an esposito is and what they would be doing at toofeys. but, as i was not going to be parting with my hard earned cash, i thought, again, what the fuck. a different what the fuck than before, tho. Continue reading

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breizoz creperie and bar – 123 smith street fitzroy 9415 7588

‘allo. eef you like all sings french, you will love zis place. but of course. mais oui! aah, but we are taking ze piss out of ze french language, yes? yes. when we woke up zis morning, what to eat? where to go? le smith street offers many ‘ippie ‘angouts and interesting places to eat but none as unusual as ze creperie. Continue reading

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bofinger – paris france

the name sounds dirty but it isn’t. it’s quite the parisian restaurant with waiters with attitude and bohemian guests wearing cravats. we were able to get an english menu but i’m glad we did the ordering in french. the couple beside us had to deal with the stereotypical arrogant asshole that is the parisian waiter. Continue reading

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