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tartine – 635 mascot road mascot 02 9700 9847

there’s nothing in mascot, at least nothing that has nothing to do with planes and airports and travel. at least that’s what we thought. but on one of our sunny lunchtime walks we stumbled across tartine. i think the thing that caught our eye first was the tricycle, the wheel chair and the chaise longue (or however you spell it) arrayed around a coffee table with building blocks to keep me amused for hours. weird furniture – better take a look.
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picknick cafe 124 hawthorn road caulfield north +61 3 9523 8703

you know when you find a new cafe and it looks so great and you want it to be so great. but often it’s all smoke and mirrors. picknick is so great. so great. pickinick is david’s (second name not yet known) new place, only open for about three weeks. it’s funky and delicious. and that’s just the furniture – apparently all made especially for picknick. nicey nice.
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dr jekyll 107 grey street st kilda 3182 03 9525 5999

ham or bacon? bacon or ham? hmmmm, i just don’t know which to choose!! turns out either one is delicious. shaved ham cooked like bacon, shaved bacon cooked like, well, bacon. yum. just, yum. i had the eggs benny with ham (there was an option to have trout but i just couldn’t get my head around that) and my cohort had scrambled eggs with bacon. words fail me… i don’t remember chewing. i think it’s breakfast all day, too, so another feather in their cap for that one.
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porgie and mr jones – auburn road hawthorn

i can’t believe i haven’t written about porgies before. a curious cafe name, admittedly, but a breakfast that’s second to very few and near the top of my list when a friend says “where shall we meet for breakkie?” (yes, i know it’s brekkie). it’s not all lollipops and gumdrops but the downsides must be insignificant because i keep going back.

first, the good shit. whenever we get a great brekkie there’s always a question that springs to mind. this is so good, how is it that so many paces can screw up eggs on toast?!! it’s not rocket surgery so why why why are there so many mediocre breakfasts on offer.
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bakers wife – 414 burke road camberwell 9809 1133

i’m always very excited when a new cafe opens within walking distance. there’s a dearth of good breakfast cafes in this area (tip o’ my hat to porgy and mr jones) – hence the excitement. i’d describe the decor as rustic/industrial/funky – really well done. there’s a mural on the main wall that took 15 hours to paint – you can find it on youtube. go nuts.
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le triskel – hardware lane melbourne 0466 406 404

ever wanted to practice your high school french in the comfort of your own city? now you can – at creperie le triskel. in fact, it’s required. you have to order in french. with your best french accent. at least they give you a sign over the register so that if you’re really desperate, you can read it. jeh voodray oon crepe ow caramel ay un cafe, sil vus plays. pretty fucking slick, eh?
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the pizza gallery – 1402 malvern road glen iris 9824 6855

there’s nothing like a shitload of traffic to open you up to the opportunity of experiencing new eateries. it works like this – i get shitty with the traffic, find the nearest restaurant that looks like the food won’t kill (at least for the next 48 hours) and that’s it really. pizza gallery (gallery, no less) was just one of those places. now usually, gallery means looky, no touchy, but pizza gallery thankfully allows the eating and drinking of the culinary art. Continue reading

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aqua restaurant and bar – 150 mountjoy parade lorne 5289 2455

aqua is an awesome place. there’s an open (fake) fire. a fire comfortable with itself. a fire that doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t. they have a couple of sofas around the fire for a glass of wine and, yes, more dessert. aqua was the final stop in the epic that was dessert day and i have to say that all other eating places paled by comparison with aqua. have i said aqua enough yet. a…qua. Continue reading

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