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old kingdom – 197 smith street fitzroy 9417 2438

when you go to a restaurant you’re not there for the enjoyment and convenience of the owner or staff. you’re not there to make their lives fulfilled and you’re certainly not there so they can have someone to vent their frustrations on. there are people queuing up in my life to do all these things and i don’t have to pay them for the privilege. call me old fashioned. Continue reading

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choi’s – 186 riversdale road hawthorn 9818 2299

i’ve haven’t been to too many chinese restaurants that i’ve really liked. sure, i’ve been to flowerdrum in the city but you have to bring your first born child to pay for the meal. the food is excellent but it’s all a bit stuffy and business-like. of course, if someone else is paying, i’m there! but i digress – back to choi’s. you wouldn’t know it was there unless you were looking for it or someone told you about it. like i’m doing now. in fact, what the hell am i doing? the more people i tell, the more difficult it will be to get in myself. it’s crap, stay away, k? Continue reading

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