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the deanery – 13 bligh place melbourne 9629 3000

it’s not like you’re likely to wander past the deanery one day and think ‘that place looks nice, i’ll drop in for some tea and scones’. bligh place is basically an gap between two building masquerading as an alley pretending to be a lane. it is small and unless you’re looking for it, you’re unlikely to see the deanery. but when you do find it, well, bring an empty stomach (try not to eat for a few days) and your biggest flashiest credit card. jeeves can stay in the car, though. Continue reading

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aqua restaurant and bar – 150 mountjoy parade lorne 5289 2455

aqua is an awesome place. there’s an open (fake) fire. a fire comfortable with itself. a fire that doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t. they have a couple of sofas around the fire for a glass of wine and, yes, more dessert. aqua was the final stop in the epic that was dessert day and i have to say that all other eating places paled by comparison with aqua. have i said aqua enough yet. a…qua. Continue reading

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