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there’s nothing in mascot, at least nothing that has nothing to do with planes and airports and travel. at least that’s what we thought. but on one of our sunny lunchtime walks we stumbled across tartine. i think the thing that caught our eye first was the tricycle, the wheel chair and the chaise longue (or however you spell it) arrayed around a coffee table with building blocks to keep me amused for hours. weird furniture – better take a look.

“brian, put it on the chesterfield.” “no, the chesterfield. next to the sideboard, near the credenza.” wait, did he say wheel chair? why, yes, i did. and you can sit in it if you like, whether you need it or not!

turns out, just about every stick of decor and furniture in the place is off the side of the road. as in free of charge. everything looks like it came from grandad’s garage because he won’t throw any fucking thing away, no matter how useless and old it seems. or how useless and old he gets. or how useless and old the argument about how useless and old the stuff he keeps is gets. you get the picture.

but you know what? it all works at tartine. anthony has created a beautiful oasis of food and coffee. it’s quaint and homely and lovely. the owners are there all the time so you can be sure of a welcome smile. i think they even got my coffee right the second time i walked in and i’ve been greeted every time since likewise. it should be no surprise to anyone that owner operated cafes are so much better than ones propped up by ‘i like shopping and drinking, and shopping-drinking’ staff. doubly so for tartine. oh, and the coffee is just perfect.

so i proceeded to order my favourite – poached eggs in the middle of the day – from the good lady of the establishment. “we don’t do poached eggs”, she replied. “what the… you wh… sonovab… godda…!!!”, a sputtered. “we do coddled eggs.” oh my. i was about to be introduced to super-soft 63 degree, 1 hour poached eggs, also known as coddled eggs. probably some of the best eggs i’ve ever had (although my darling will insist my eggs are the best that exist anywhere in the world and i would agree with her, of course).

but still, you have to try coddled eggs if you’ve never had them. go get more if you already have. don’t wait. go see tartine, sit in a wheelchair and wave your arms like a grizzled old fart to get eggs and coffee for breakfast (or if you’re like me, any goddam time of the day i please). you won’t be sorry.

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