menya noodle shop 2 1 market street sydney 02 9267 4249

my ipad just tried to autocorrect menya to mental! ah, you clever little piece of aluminium and glass. trying to save me from myself. it happens a lot. but anyway, menya! synonymous for noodles or ramen in japanese (also donburi and gyoza). but mostly noodles! it’s not so easy to find in the city but it’s so worth the effort wandering around until we found it. again.

noodles are the preferred lunch, and sometimes dinner but never breakfast what are you crazy, for the japanese salaryman (sa-la-rii-man). on train stations and side streets all over Japan around midday they can be seen (and heard) slurping a bowl of noodles in 50 seconds flat as they rush between meetings. slurping is mandatory because the noodles are so hot they burn the mouth unless you suck lots of air in with them. i think jet engines work on the same principle. or did I dream it?

now i am a big fan of the udon noodle – we’ll call them fat noodles here to create the right image – but my companion (best in the world, remember) likes her soba noodle – the skinny variety. at menya, you get the choice of whichever you want with whatever you want on top so you can have chicken katsu soba or pork katsu udon. always with a side of gyoza, mind you. do you have to have the gyoza? yes. do it.

when i find the address i’ll post it here. in the meantime, ask mr duckduckgo and head on down for some noodle slurping. there’s one in melbourne, too!

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