picknick cafe 124 hawthorn road caulfield north +61 3 9523 8703

you know when you find a new cafe and it looks so great and you want it to be so great. but often it’s all smoke and mirrors. picknick is so great. so great. pickinick is david’s (second name not yet known) new place, only open for about three weeks. it’s funky and delicious. and that’s just the furniture – apparently all made especially for picknick. nicey nice.

when we walked in, david was the first person to look up from the coffee machine. now there is an owner who is really interested in who’s coming in to eat. picknick is not large (only about 12 tables) but it feels good. the little kitchen is right behind the coffee station and about 5 staff are constantly moving around taking orders or serving.

what we noticed straight away, though, is the noise. trendy polished concrete and large walls does tend to amplify the female voice a tad. aaaargh! david must have seen us talking and pointing because he came over the talk to us about the cafe and his plans to install noise baffles to reduce the noise.

we planned to have coffee but were enticed by the simple menu to order some brekkie (brekkie with the best company in the world, might i add). eggs were perfect, toast was perfect, coffee was just right (organic, locally roasted, too). and right when we were ready to leave, david presented us with some cold pressed juice for our drinking pleasure. it’s always exciting to find and new place, doubly so when our first experience makes us want to go back again. soon.

go. now. enjoy. thanks, david!

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