masu izakaya shop b1 35-39 liverpool street sydney 02 9261 3011

in a little town called sydney in a big country called straya, she searched. the prize? the best japanese food. the result? masu izakaya in the cbd. it’s only the best grill and sake bar we’ve ever found. actually, it’s probably best we don’t tell you how great it is because the next time we go there won’t be any room for us. yes, you should go to your substandard restaurants leaving masu’s place to us, fuck face.

it’s like a little piece of japan has been cut out and dropped right in the middle of the city. there’s a japanese owner and staff only so if you can speak japanese, you can close your eyes and imagine you are back in tokyo. oh yes, that’s just me :) you can work out your own crazy daydreams. but seriously, it is all about me. btw, if you like really good japanese food and you’re in melbourne, izakaya jiro is in the same class. if you don’t like really good japanese food, there’s something wrong with you.

real japanese food is designed for sharing, like spanish tapas. quite the opposite of the ‘i’m ordering all this just for me and you can fuck off and order your own stuff’ approach to eating. sharing is indeed caring and for me there’s nothing better than sharing food and talking. and eating like this takes longer so i can get lost in her eyes while we’re talking about whatever. yep, me again.

everything is awesome. if i had to recommend certain dishes (and bear in mind we don’t want you there), gyoza is wonderful, dragon rolls, i’m assured, are delicious (i didn’t even get one!), the cow would be proud of the wagyu beef skewers, and the grilled kingfish sushi (yeah, get your fucking head around that – grilled sushi, whoa!!) was melt in your mouth. we also scored some off the menu chilled sake because we’re so awesome and you’re not. but hey, you keep trying, you little trooper.

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