porgie and mr jones – auburn road hawthorn

i can’t believe i haven’t written about porgies before. a curious cafe name, admittedly, but a breakfast that’s second to very few and near the top of my list when a friend says “where shall we meet for breakkie?” (yes, i know it’s brekkie). it’s not all lollipops and gumdrops but the downsides must be insignificant because i keep going back.

first, the good shit. whenever we get a great brekkie there’s always a question that springs to mind. this is so good, how is it that so many paces can screw up eggs on toast?!! it’s not rocket surgery so why why why are there so many mediocre breakfasts on offer.

porgie’s breakfasts are just plain awesome is a quietly confident way. yes, i’m delicious and nutritious – eat me. eggs poached perfectly, choice of breads, butter saute’d mushrooms, smashed avocado (if you’re into that kinda thing – weirdo), a delicious grilled organic bacon. and how hard is that to do? no very. i’m in my happy place at porgies.

coffee is another thing. we aren’t creating a soufflĂ© or six course degustation menu. it’s coffee and we have big, shiny, expensive equipment to do most of the heavy lifting. so why do we still get gritty, bitter, scalding brown water, especially in melbourne?! porgie’s barista are quick and make excellent coffee. and they keep offering me more coffees – i only say no when my hands start to shake and i can’t stand without wobbling.

the one negative – no card payment. cash only. grrrrrr! if you don’t want to pay card issuer fees, allow me to pay with paypal or bitcoin. but i don’t carry cash any more and it’s annoying in what is otherwise an excellent experience. get with with 2010s! cash is so last millem… milennu… millenym… decade.


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