parkers steakhouse geelong – 2 shorts place geelong 3220 5221 8485

tucked away, down a side street, in an old bluestone building (used to house a blacksmith) is parkers. i could smell it two streets away and i should have known. steak was calling me. i’m not a big meat eater but when i do eat meat, i has to be very good. imagine my surprise at discovering parkers in geelong. then i saw the sign outside – squires loft. i was home!! in the culinary wasteland that is geelong, there exists a diamond.

i bring out-of-towners, friends, family – in short, everyone i know who isn’t a veggie – to squires. i live within 10 minutes walk of one in melbourne. it’s a problem, i’ll give you that. and to a person, squires is they will say squires steak best steak they’ve every had. i’ve been to the meat and wine company (quite a few times, actually) and i must say squires wins by a nose.

there’s something about steak and south africa (squires is owned by a group of south africans). of course it always helps if you are prepared to run down the tastiest looking cows, hang them up for a few weeks, and then lovingly grill them. i know it’s a formula because i get the same perfect steak every time no matter which squires i go to – service is not always stellar – but that’s what makes it so good. i can say with confidence ‘you’re gonna love this’ and know they are. and i get the credit!!

i will say service is never as consistent as the steaks. what do i have to do to be offered another bottle of wine while i wait for my steak? slish slosh, dude! oh look, the bottle’s empty! why not offer me another?!! but i can overlook the service shortcomings when my little cube of juicy meat – it’s always an eye fillet – arrives. if you live in or around geelong, you owe it to yourself to drop into parkers and get your steak fix.

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