bakers wife – 414 burke road camberwell 9809 1133

i’m always very excited when a new cafe opens within walking distance. there’s a dearth of good breakfast cafes in this area (tip o’ my hat to porgy and mr jones) – hence the excitement. i’d describe the decor as rustic/industrial/funky – really well done. there’s a mural on the main wall that took 15 hours to paint – you can find it on youtube. go nuts.

but what about the food, you ask? really quite good. we went on the day after they opened and that’s always hard. staff are new, the equipment is new, menu is new, and no-one is anywhere near hitting their stride. in spite of that, i really enjoyed brekkie at the ‘wife’. i’m going to call it that from now on. where are you going? i’m going to the wife. Lots of good looking dishes to try, simple menu so i suspect quality and consistency versus quantity.

it did take 25 minutes for our first coffee but to be able to deliver a good menu the day after opening is quite a feat. just speed up the coffees. did i mention the coffees? good. nothing wrong with them, just….. a….. little….. sloooowwwwww.

I will say the bruschetta (it’s pronounced brusketta) was a bit tasteless. Nice presentation, nice touted turkish bread, no taste. either they need to use a tastier tomato with tomato flavour (crazy, i know, but most tomatoes are just red water), a saltier cheese (maybe fetta), or just open a can of taste and pour it all over. bammmm! that last one – totally useless. sorry. ooooh, maybe some basil, olive oil and rock salt from the pestle. i’m off to make that myself now.

my recommendation – go the wife. you won’t regret it. maybe order your coffee as you leave the house, though.

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