squires loft tooronga village – podium level shop 1 766 toorak road glen Iris 3146 9822 8880

there’s another squires loft, you ask? indeed! the same steaky-steak, winey-wine, and choclatly-chocolate dessert. anyone who’s read my review of squires loft (pick one, any one) knows that, once in a while, i like a piece of very excellent steak. i know meat is not the best for the environment but i only have meat twice a week so i have thoroughly justified it to myself.

and then i moved to within walking distance of the tooronga squires loft. feet …turning …into …squires …loft …powerless… to …resist! and it’s on the podium level – i’ve done some podium level dancing but this is different :)

i’d like to say that  squires t is the same as every other squires. indeed, the ribs and steaks are every bit as good. no complaints there. but the service is, eh, different. squires toorak and squires st kilda get a lot of customers. they arrive in a flood so wait staff and kitchen staff need a sense of urgency. i’m not talking about staff running around, looking disorganised (sofias, i’m looking at you). i mean just a sense of purpose – we have customers who are hungry, say, let’s get them a menu, some wine and some bread and see if we can feed them. crazy crazy.

squires tooronga doesn’t seem to have the same level of service. sure, they get you stuff (mostly) when you ask for it, but it’s all a bit casual. hey, it might just be me. people in hawthorn and camberwell might like it like that. but i suspect not. now i don’t want you thinking it’s not a good restaurant. far from it – squires is my ‘go to’ place de boeuf. squires t’s service just needs a goose, a prod, a slight jolt. over to you.

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