le triskel – hardware lane melbourne 0466 406 404

ever wanted to practice your high school french in the comfort of your own city? now you can – at creperie le triskel. in fact, it’s required. you have to order in french. with your best french accent. at least they give you a sign over the register so that if you’re really desperate, you can read it. jeh voodray oon crepe ow caramel ay un cafe, sil vus plays. pretty fucking slick, eh?

ordering aside (i really do like speaking french when i get a chance) the gallettes (savoury crepes) and the sweet crepes are just wonderful. in classic french style, gallettes use wonderful cheeses (fromage) and ham (jambon) while the wafer thin crepes are loaded with warm chocolate, ice cream and dusted with sugar. it’s not a place to go when trying to shift the extra pounds. you’ll leave with a few more.

one of my favourite places to take out-of-towners, partly because creperies and french restaurants in general are not that common in melbourne and partly because it’s owned and operated by real french people. makes it authentic – like a little piece of paris dug up and flown to the laneways of melbourne (one of my other favourites is a la bouffe).

all i can say is to le triskel is “never change”. stay just as you are. demand that customers speak only french and resist the urge to get bigger or ‘diversify’. what you do is exactly what i like and, in the end, isn’t that what’s most important? i say, oui!

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