a la bouffe – 268 toorak road south yarra 9077 2856

on the bouffe? at the bouffe? riding the bouffe? what ees zis bouffe yoo speek ov? just a minute, i’m going to check my high school french-english dictionary…please hold. ahhhhh, it means nosh, eats, grub. chow. and i like it very much.

it isn’t just that they serve duck fat and pig fat starters – they do – but oysters, fresh bread, and pink champagne. with french flair and a little ooh la la. i don’t know many french restaurants (check out le triskel) in melbourne but my experiences have all been good so far.

i used to eat in toorak quite a bit when i lived there. you know how the conversation goes. “should we go somewhere else tonight?” “well, yeah, we could do that, but, i’m soooo lazy and there are lots of foodie places right up the street and whine whinge moan gripe” “ok, but next time, definitely.” “yeah, yeah, sure, sure.” but it never happens. having said that most places were italian or thai then. now there’s a ‘bouffe’ place and so much more reason to go.

i chose coq au vin – a simple, hearty dish for winter months and cold weather – and we chose a cheeky (you have to describe every french wine as cheeky, it’s in the rules) french pinot to go with the red wine sauce. some very delicious grub if you ask me. and you do. because you’re here. la bouffe? excellent service, nice decor, not too crazy on the prices.

what else can i say? um, they have some pretty evil desserts that grabbed us by the short and curlies and beat us about the head and neck. of course, what we chose was all chocolate, not a piece of fruit in sight. i’m sure they have some of the so-called ‘not chocolate’ dessert but i have selective eyesight. i just can’t see it. top it all off with a strong macchiato and, voila! a lovely meal in great company.


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