vanilla cakes and lounge – 17-21 eaton mall oakleigh victoria 9568 3358

it’s so good! it’s so bad! ok, what the fuck is going on at vanilla? if there was a prize for inconsistency vanilla would be accepting the same gold award every week.┬ásome days we go there for brekkie and it’s just perfect – good eggs, good service, nice people, good coffee.

honestly, is there anything more you could want in life. well, perhaps a good cup of coffee isn’t the be-all-end-all of life but it does go a long way towards perfection on a crappy monday morning where you’d rather be still in bed than preparing to front up to the steaming pile of incompetence that is your boss. but i digress. other days we go and it’s hard to get noticed. we brought flags, air horns, even flare guns. but no. ‘oh, did you want to order something?’. ‘no love, we came for the view…’.

as i said, when they’re good, they’re very good. i think it’s the older staff who have a clue as opposed to the younger staff who have none. ‘we’re going to need some napkins…and plates…and a knife and fork would go down a treat, too.’. prices are reasonable and if you get past nik-the-greek smoking his head off outside, inside is well laid out and spacious for that ‘spread the papers out’ saturday morning. did i say they have good coffee?

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