the comfortable chair – 98 lygon street brunswick east 9387 1246

as you probably know i am partial to the cafes, restaurants and other eateries that offer breakfast all day. my feelings are if i want to have poached eggs and toast at four in the afternoon, i damn well will. so my saturday afternoons are usually spent either bitching about some place that doesn’t serve breakfast whenever i want it, or heaping praise on a new cafe or restaurant that does. this is just so with the comfortable chair – yeah it sounds like a monty python sketch. grow up!

the comfortable chair just rocks. there’s no other way to put it. and yes, they have a lot of chairs though not all comfortable. you’ll find one you like. or maybe one you used to own ten years back and you put out on the nature strip when the ass sagged out of it. but i digress. i have to say that for less than 12 bucks i have never had a bigger or better breakfast. quite honestly, i was defeated by the hash browns and snags and i didn’t even order the extra steak (hastily written in pen on the menu). i fucking love this place. all my family is going to be sent here at least once.

they even do french toast! words fail me…

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