squires loft – st kilda road towers 1 queens road melbourne 9863 7700

i know it takes a gazilion litres of water to make my tiny 350g steak. i know it’s not environmentally friendly farming for a country with so little water. i know that cows have faces (something about veggies not eating anything with a face). i know all that! but it’s just so good sometimes to have moo cow at the squires. i crave steak, you know, once every few weeks. can you greenies overlook this one teensy vice of mine?

it’s not like lazars where you can have a nice long glass of meat with your meat entre and meat main. ribs are faultless and the eye fillet done rare is a little piece of happiness. the menu has other stuff like chicken and fish if you feel the need but lets face it, squires loft is about the ribs and steaks and that’s what you’re there for.

the sl (you know who you are) crew are the best in the business and the grill room is so successful that they’re opening another one in the city soon. check back to the other squires loft review for a summary of delicious moo cow and a fabulous wine. there is always something on the specials board and of course the bottle of grange if you’re feeling a little crazy. i’m going to do it one day, just wait and see.

i cannot say enough good things about squires loft in queens road. i bring out-of-towners there without fail and have never been disappointed. love the food, love the wine, love the staff. go you good thing!

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